A Course in Miracles by James Franklin
A Course In Miracles (ACIM) teaches that all experience reflects one’s self-concept.  Its aim is, “removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence” (ACIM, Introduction).  As such, one takes a journey through the debris of the mind that obscures the joyful recognition that one’s holiness can never be lost.  The term holiness is used to remind the student of their true reality as spirit or God’s extension of love eternally: formless, seamless, without boundaries or limitations of any kind.  ACIM describes in meticulous fashion how people resist that natural state of grace, and how all other experience is in fact very unnatural and requires enormous energy to uphold simply because it is so contrary to one’s true reality.  A student of ACIM is advised not to undertake that usually painful journey alone.  There is a perfect presence within everyone that accompanies them on that journey, and a mere welcoming invites the calming experience of the ever present comforter.   ACIM elucidates the dynamics of the mind in relation to what seems to be a dense physical world of matter, and further explains the unlimited healing nature of the miracle.  However, ACIM has an unconventional definition of what a miracle is and also redefines various other spiritual/religious terms.  The Course student is asked to be just a little willing to have Jesus or the Holy Spirit look upon the world with them.  This little willingness allows for an expanding awareness of the perfect union all share with Jesus or Holy Spirit.  Inherent in that awareness is a healed perception which provides another way to look upon the world that is called true perception.  True perception is Christ’s holy vision of love and innocence and out-pictures the corrected unforgiving thoughts that underlie all negative feelings.  The age-old teaching that the world is an illusion is underscored in ACIM.  The assertion being there is no difference between the reality of one’s nocturnal dreams and the reality of moving through the world.  The world is nothing more than an “outside picture of an inward condition,” and so to heal the world is but to heal the mind that imagines it.  In truth there is nothing outside the mind, for “thoughts leave not their source.”  Studying ACIM orients the mind away from the ego which is the idea of a self that is separate and independent of God.  Loosening identification with the false ego-self facilitates understanding the metaphysics set forth in ACIM.  As amnesia gives way to recognition, all thoughts of duality simply cease to exist and one is free.    A Course In Miracles when faithfully applied is both practical and experiential.                 “A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience                           is not only possible but necessary.  It is this experience toward                           which the Course is directed.”                (Introduction to Clarification of Terms)