A Course in Miracles Based Affirmations These are affirmations I have gathered over the years that are based on A Course in Miracles.  Some are directly garnered from the Course, but most are from various Course writers, teachers, and commentators. No attributions are given due to my ineffecient note taking. My sincere apologies to those authors.   -Dale Boyce
Nothing in this world has the power to take God’s Love and Peace from my mind. In this Holy Instant I choose love without attack. Instead of finding fault in my brothers and sisters, I choose to find perfection. I choose to follow the laws of Love because I want to, and I want to because Love is what I am. I choose to let the past go, and look without condemnation on the present. I rest in who I am, as God created me. I allow my mind to be guided and changed by the Holy Spirit. In this instant I can choose to see the Real World in all its glory. The miracles I give are evidence of the Christ that I am. I leave all decisions to the Holy Spirit’s gentle counsel. I am a child of Heaven living in the light of the blessing of my Creator. I am love and nothing I think or do can change that. I am safe and immortal, now. God is my eternal Source, I have everything I need in this Holy Instant. I am eternally emerging from the Mind of my Creator, perfectly untarnished, a still river of pure radiance, flowing from the Heart of the Holy One. All my needs are met by the Source that created me and love’s me. I bring any problem back to the Answer which is always in my mind. I am a being of infinite spirit, free of limitation of any kind, living in a realm of pure joy and love. I allow God’s strength to take the place of my weakness. Right here, right now, I am whole and complete. I am the work of God, and therefore I am wholly lovable and wholly loving. The truth in me is as radiant as a star, as pure as light, as innocent as love itself. I accept God’s perfect gift of life. I remember that I was created perfect and still am. Since I am one with God I have all the safety I need. Since God’s will for me is perfect happiness, I am no longer afraid of God’s will. I am one with Spirit, one with joy, one with life and one with abundance and all that God is. The more I let go of fear, the safer I am. I trust that Love is safe. I am able to heal myself completely because anything I made up I can unmake with the help of the Holy Spirit. God is incomplete without me.  I am immensely valuable. God is real and available and always loves me.  I am one with God. I accept myself as God created me; perfect, whole, and healed. I awaken to the fact that I am already at home in God right now and that I am perfect in God. I am completely open to the joy, the beauty, and the immortality God has to offer.  I now receive the gifts of the Kingdom. I accept that I am already forgiven. In each Holy Instant, I make a clean, untarnished birth. There is nothing lacking in me.  I do not need a special person to complete me. I remember that Love is always more important than form. I completely forgive the past.  I remember only the love and choose to forget the rest. The miracle I receive I give.  I offer peace to all. I now choose the Holy Spirit as my teacher and companion instead of the ego. I welcome the Holy Spirit’s guidance and do not interfere with His help. I need no defense, I lack nothing and I am invulnerable to attack. I am safe, untroubled and serene, in endless joy, because it is God’s Will that it be so. God created me as perfect, eternal, innocent, loving, Spirit which has no opposite. I reflect the peace of Heaven here and now and bring the peace of Heaven to the world. I am, right in this instant, an infinite being, a shinning field of pure spirit whose dimensions stretch to infinity. Because I am as God created me, there is nothing wrong with me.  There is no hole to fill, no flaw to correct, no stain to wash away. I can let go of the guilt I perceive in myself, because the separation from God never happened.  I am still as God created me. I am a radiant extension of the Heart of God; infinite, holy and forever changeless. I am an immutable, eternally shining beacon of love. I am now determined to see myself and my brothers and sisters through the eyes of Eternal Love. Nothing unlike God exists, therefore, I cannot be guilty because I cannot be unlike my Creator. I am here to be a manifestation of God’s Love in this world. I chose to reach out to all of my brothers and sisters and touch them with the touch of Christ. Because my will and God’s Will are one, it is no sacrifice to do God’s Will. I persistently and consistently choose forgiveness in every painful situation. I walk in the Light in which there is no darkness, in the Love in which there is no fear, and in the Life in which there is no death. The Light is here and the way is clear. I am a Thought of God that remains forever in His Mind. The self I made is not the Self I Am. I no longer postpone being who I always already am. I am never a victim of my own or someone else’s dream. I am always devoted to whoever I am with in the Holy Instant.  I extend forgiveness where it is, right in front of me. With the Holy Spirit’s help, I forgive every person, every situation, including God and myself, with no exceptions and no one excluded; whole heartily, exuberantly, joyously, and without reserve. I am aware, in this Holy Instant, that there is no past or future – only the Love of God. I can save the world by forgiving it. I was created as a radiant being, overflowing with love, and lacking absolutely nothing. In reality I am perfectly unaffected any expression of a lack of love.  The Christ in me remains unshaken by it and I choose to identify solely with that unshaken center. God is not angry with me.  Nothing I have ever said or done has offended God. I am the immaculate conception of God, here and now. The healing peace of God radiates from me, and I am a blessing to my world. I am one Self, united with my Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and in peace. I am willing to step back and not interfere with the flow of God’s love that is within me. I join with the strength of Christ and not with the weakness of the ego. I give all my thoughts to the Holy Spirit and He gives them back as miracles. I choose to make my life an affirmation of God’s Love. Light and joy and peace abide in me. If I am already perfect then all I need to do is to remember that I am. I am perfect, eternal, formless Spirit. I bless myself as I forgive. I am the eternally awake and dreamless Christ. If God trusts me, I must be worthy of that trust. I release the past into God’s hands and accept mercy and forgiveness for myself. Divine Love and Wisdom guide my every thought, word and deed, and everything I undertake is blessed. I am a messenger of God, directed by His Voice, sustained by Him in love, and held forever quiet and at peace within His loving Arms. In love was I created, and in love will I remain forever. I am willing for all of the ego’s madness to be undone by the Holy Spirit. I am a Child of God, a priceless part of His Kingdom. My perfection is not a difficult accomplishment because it is already what I am. The reality of my Self is eternally safe. I accept myself as God created me, eternal, changeless, and innocent forever. I allow the Holy Spirit to teach me what everything means and how to respond to it. I am wholly lovable and wholly loving. I affirm the absolute equality, shared nature, and infinite worth of every brother and sister and every part of creation. The peace of God that comes through me belongs to everyone. With the Holy Spirit’s help, I am willing to see the love beyond the hate, the constancy in change, the purity beyond sin, and only Heaven’s blessing on the world. I see the Holy Face of Christ in everything and everyone, and hear no sound except the echo of God’s Voice. I am willing to allow the Holy Spirit to replace my dark lessons with the bright lesson of God’s glory, God’s power, and God’s happiness that eternally dwells within me. I stand firm in allowing only God’s light into my mind, even while the ego’s darkness is knocking at the door. I am willing and ready to cleanse the illusions of the ego from my mind and return to a state of pure, effortless grace. I am committed to learning that only God and His Kingdom are real, and so I am constantly vigilant against all other thoughts. The past and future do not exist, they are in the mind only – I AM NOW. I always keep in mind that if it changes it’s not real. I remember that I cannot be totally committed sometimes. I teach no one that he or she is what I would not want to be. I give only honor to the Sons and Daughters of the living God, and count myself among them gladly. I am willing to reach beyond the little self I think I am to the Self that God created. I am determined to see myself and everyone else as the magnificent creations of God that we are. I treat everyone as if he or she were my very Self, because in Truth, they are. The fullness of my Self comes from everyone being included as my Self. I can remember God by letting go of all the reasons I have for forgetting Him. It takes no time to be what I already am – perfect, whole and free. I seek not outside of myself what I cannot find outside of myself.  I accept the fact that perfect love is within me, now. Nothing but my decision to listen to the ego is preventing me from experiencing the world of light. I am beyond time, beyond the dream, forever changeless and eternally awake. I am willing to be a love-struck Child of God. In this instant of crystal cleanness nothing can reach me out of the past. I am the reflected beauty of Christ which I share equally with everyone. I allow the Holy Spirit to teach me to use the forms of the world to lead me beyond the world. I now realize there is no sin and what I thought was sin has no real consequences.